In Bong Joon-ho's film "Memories of Murder," a female policeman will appear. Instead of doing manual work, he usually plays a role of assistant to male detectives or coffee calls among male detect Then it plays a crucial role, but in the movie, which shows detectives in the '80s anyway, the female police officer is called Miss Who does the coffee errand.

And in "Two Cops 3," the detective film and the third film of the comic action film "Two Cops," directed by Kang Woo-suk, he wanted to appear as a detective of equal standing as a partner in a male detective, but was ignored just because he was a woman and was not recognized as a colleague for absurd reasons that he should be able to go to a sauna with her. But anyway, solving a case with a male partner detective ends up with a ridiculous scene. I thought it was a funny scene at the time, but now I think about the scene, it's really absurd.

However, recently released Girl's Cops makes me think that Korean movies also have such a criminal offense. It's hard to say that the movie itself is a whole new one. But it was also fun.

Detectives who don't want to investigate sex crimes committed by women on the grounds that they don't help their performance are actually seen through the media, so it's a bad exaggeration or something. I had no idea that... I thought there were still more cops like that.

The process of receiving help from fellow detectives in the course of a secret investigation into the case and with a criminal intuition, but eventually getting no help and two former detectives working together to narrow the distance from the criminals was not boring at all. And the action was cool because it showed action that was not lacking against male criminals who were relatively big and strong. It was a predictable movie, but I'm glad to see a criminal action film featuring a female detective as a two-top.

Posted by taeim