It is a movie that shows how cruel humans are.
In order to prevent suicide attacks, terrorists are trying to identify themselves preparing bombs and then launch missiles there to prevent them. However, the operation is suspended because a girl selling bread is spotted right around the corner, and people are caught worrying about the lives of terrorists and girls. 

People who had sat at the table and decided everything were willing to sit down and make decisions over coffee, even when it's connected to the girl's life. 
Guests, who move by order, also shed tears with human anguish as they see a girl who is on the verge of losing her life. 

The difficult situation in which any choice is the right one and the wrong one unfolds in the film and shows the audience such a choice, asking questions about the most basic and fundamental human dignity and ethics. 

If you choose a girl's life, about 80 other people could die, and their sacrifice made a cruel choice to save her life: politicians and soldiers who simply decide a lot by signing or speaking while sitting at their desks drinking coffee. It is the hard-working people and citizens who are killed, injured, or lose a lot of property according to their choice. 

Although he does not believe in or have any religion, he continued to pray while watching the movie.

Posted by taeim