How did he even think of depicting the lowest life in the human world like this? 

The film was made in Korea, directed by Koreans and acted by Korean actors. Still, the film has little to say to be Korean. 

It occurred to me that anyone living in the present era would definitely be able to sympathize regardless of nationality. 

The unique structure of a house or building called "Ringahara" may be a building structure that can only be found in Korea, but if this area is modified to suit the situation of each country, it would be difficult to remake it in other countries.

"How can I live like that?" he said, seeing his family live until something happens later in the movie. It's amazing," Ki-taek and his family don't have a job in particular, other than folding pizza boxes. 

The extra work that happened to replace Ki-taek's son Ki-woo's friend finally made me want to see some light coming into his family, but Ki-taek's family, who went to the so-called "rich family" and Ki-woo's family, who have since started tutoring, are caught up in unexpected incidents. 

Humans are said to be social animals. From birth they become members of a family, and then they become members of an organization, and eventually they become members of a nation, a people. 

Gi-taek's family, if you look at the whole family, is formed into a group called family, but failed to become a social member. It is not exactly about the story of Ki-taek and his family, but in the drama, we can give a little analogy to their past in the conversation that the family of Ki- They wouldn't have lived that way from the start, either. But the more they tried to live well, the more they felt that in a world where they were hard to live with, regardless of their will, they would have become like parasites that were eating nutrients from a person's.

After watching the movie, I thought of a Japanese movie that won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival last year, and a film directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. 

Comparing the two movies, there is something a bit similar or similar. A family member lives like a parasite, stealing other people's belongings little by little, just like a family member. Like Ki-taek's family, they live at the bottom of the human world in their own way. 

But if you look at the ending of the two movies, you will definitely see that there is a difference. In this movie, Gi-taek's family is indeed a wealthy family at the bottom of the old-fashioned water, while his family in a certain family is a well-off person who floats in the old-fashioned water. 

The film shows that parasites don't coexist, and that being poor doesn't necessarily mean being nice and having a lot of money doesn't mean being evil.

Posted by taeim